F.I.T. You WILL Make YOU Succeed! (AudioBook)

F.I.T. You WILL Make YOU Succeed!,is a great book/guide on health and fitness, and is your key to live healthier, enjoy life more, lose weight, and get in shape! Contained in the book; advice on friendships, environment, life partner, diet, self image, attitude, exercise, and other topics. The best part of the book is the full year of pre-planned weight training workouts, 8 different 6 week workouts to be exact. As a special bonus, the back of the book has many diagrams showing how to do the weight training exercises. Cardioiovascular exercises are all preplanned for the whole year in the book too! Recently added are videos online demonstrating how to perform the exercises precisely.
F.I.T. You WILL Make YOU Succeed! (AudioBook)
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